Overseas Department

Put happiness on Japanese ingredients and provide to the world

We are focusing on product distribution and sales expansion utilizing overseas bases and global networks.

Overseas Department

At Misawa, we are developing businesses that take advantage of the strengths of our overseas bases so that we can firmly meet overseas needs. In addition to distributing Japanese domestic ingredients to overseas, we also import overseas products into Japan and contribute to the development of society. We are also focusing on overseas expansion and sales support for Japanese manufacturers and retailers.

In order to expand overseas sales channels and to develop the domestic companies including us, we are working on a daily basis while working with and cooperating with many companies regardless of business type.

Major overseas suppliers are the major trading companies, suppliers, supermarkets, and luxury hotels in various countries. We are actively communicating with local customers and making proposals. We value each and every relationship in Japan and overseas, strive to find new sales channels and improve daily operations, and provide a business that will be appreciated by the customers.

From now on, we will strive more to become a company that connects foreign companies with domestic companies.

Examples of overseas sales channels

Food service industry

The client opened an oversea branch. In order to deliver the same taste and quality in Japan, we have been cooperating with proposals for all food ingredients. 。

A major trading company

We offer high-quality Japanese ingredients to the government and royal family related customers.。

A major supplier

We cooperate with a supplier who has a market share of about 90%, and we propose the fresh foods and cooperate with all customers.

Overseas distribution destination

Delivered to more than 10 countries including Asian countries, Middle East countries, European countries and Africa.。

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