Company philosophy

Make the world smile with ingredients

Misawa aims for a future which always has a safe, delicious, and happy moment

  • We will contribute to the development of our customers.。
  • We will do our best in open transactions with prioritizing reliance and trust.
  • We contribute to the development of society through our business.
  • We contribute to the world as a global company.
  • We strive to achieve the happiness of all employees.

Company Profile

Store name Misawa Co., Ltd.
Store name ruby Kabushikigaisha Misawa
Representative President Kazuma Suminaga
Business description: Vegetable wholesaler ・ General food wholesaler ・ Import and export business
Establishment November, 1913 (Taisho 2)
Location Takarazuka City, Hyogo 665-0845
1-18-2 Sakaemachi
Area Nationwide (including home delivery) and other countries
Nearest Station JR Takarazuka Station, Hankyu Takarazuka Station
Access 4-minute walk (300m) from Takarazuka Station
TEL 0797-86-2423
business hours 8:00~17:00
Close Sundays, Holidays, and Wednesdays (Only when the market is close)


November 1913 Established as Misawa Store in Takarazuka, Hyogo. Start business as a greengrocer in a town.
1940 The Takarazuka district wholesale market was built, and start to hold a business in the market.
1945 Retailing continued in the market and at the same time started delivery to companies.
1956 Grew into the largest store in the market and expanded the delivery business.
1960 Strengthen tied up with other markets in consideration of expanding suppliers. At the same time, start dealing with each product's production district.
1989 Kuniyoshi Suminaga assumed office as the representative and became the fourth.
1995 Takarazuka regional wholesale market was completely destroyed by the Great Hanshin Earthquake. The business was resumed immediately at the place where it was planned to be a warehouse.
2004 Kenji Suminaga assumed office as the representative and became the fifth.
2008 Kazuma Suminaga, current President and CEO was appointed due to a sudden illness of the fifth. Business under the current system was started.
2013 Ryoma Suminaga assumed office as the representative director. The business is promoted by two brothers.
2016 Started export business to overseas. Mainly started marketing of vegetables and fruits. Expand sales channels not only in Japan but also overseas. At the same time, we strengthened the transactions with each production district.
2018 We proposed foods totally including not only vegetables and fruits but also livestock products and seafoods, and the commercial flow of all kinds of the foods were started. It led to large-scale logistics transactions and now we deliver products to customers in more than 10 countries.
March 2019 Established partnerships with local companies in several overseas countries. Established local subsidiaries in order to increase commercial flow.
July 2019 President and CEO, Kazuma Suminaga was invited as an export business advisor to a company in Hyogo.
October 2019 Cooperated with Hyogo Prefecture at overseas sites and made efforts to promote the products of Hyogo.