The industry related to the foods is changing every day. Misawa contributes to increasing the value of manufacturers and retailers through planning proposals and sales expansion support based on the abundant knowledge and experience which we cultivated so far.

Product consultation

We will share the information on food preferences and needs that vary from country to country such as the market research in each country, the product demand surveys and the product purchases, etc. by overseas partner companies and our trading countries, and assist in product manufacturing and market development. We will also handle a wide range of product consultations, including presentation planning at business meetings.

New business support

We are committed to supporting new and next challenges, such as new businesses, new projects, and sales channels abroad. We also introduce various companies outside Japan.

Business meeting with local customers

We often got inquiries to find out if their product needs are appropriate, want to do business directly with local companies, or have a good product but cannot find a sales partner. Such companies can be shared the information by participating in the business meetings organized by us or by bringing products to the sales representatives meetings in each countries where we are constantly participating. In addition, it is possible to constantly conduct product guidance and sales to our trading countries.

Logistics support

We will respond to your concerns such as selling products that you can expect, but you don't know how to deliver them locally, and you can't organize less logistics. If it suits the contents and conditions, it can also be delivered to the local by forming a logistics with our company. Even if it is difficult to do so, we will cooperate with our partner companies and propose to create logistics that suits each company.

Solving future human resource issues

In the future, Japan's population is declining and it is expected that it will become more difficult to secure human resources. Demographics and the declining birthrate and aging conditions vary greatly from country to country. Globalization is progressing, and I think it is necessary to actively recruit talented overseas personnel in the future. We would like to tackle the challenge of contributing to the Japanese economy while cooperating with domestic companies in various industries with human resources suitable for each industry.

Even if the content does not fall under the above, we provide flexible assistance and advice. We will respond to your request with a global support system.

Contact Us

Please contact us for various information such as product PR and procurement,
and other inquiries regarding the transactions such as searching for suppliers.