Domestic Department

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Domestic Department

Since its establishment in 1915, Misawa has been engaged with the various companies involved in food and providing the sales and the provision of information mainly on vegetables and fruits. In recent years, the number of items that we handled has increased, and we have been able to offer proposals to the nationwide customers for ingredients such as nuts, vegetables, fruits, fresh fish, and livestock together. In addition, we have received favorable reviews from various customers by using our original packaging technology that we have cultivated through overseas shipments so that we can deliver it to the customers in distant places with the same freshness.

As a company engaged in food, we not only handle and sell a large number of foods, but also contribute to the development of the region and value to follow up the customers firmly.

  • Vegetables and fruits from producers
  • Fresh fish from the beach
  • Livestock from the ranch

In order to provide our customers with good products, we value the connection with the primary industry as much as possible. And we have also partnership with the carriers to conduct large-scale business sales using land and air routes of all over Japan. We will cooperate with many companies regardless of business type, and continue to serve for the development of the customers and contribute to society.

We will respond to the customer requests by making use of Misawa's unique “relationship” which gained over 100 years since the establishment!

Don't you have this kind of problem?

  • I don't have the ingredients I want to use, so I substitute similar one.
  • We want you to cooperate in regular large-scale business sales
  • We are in trouble because there is no company to cooperate
  • We are in trouble because the place where we purchase ingredients is far
  • Looking for premium ingredients

  • In such a case, please contact Misawa first.

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