Vegetables and Fruits

New varieties, from unusual vegetables to general vegetables and fruits. All products are handled on the basis of “beauty” and “delicious”. In order to enjoy eating, we will deliver vegetables and fruits in the best condition with “power of collecting products” and “certain judge”.


Forcing vegetables

Vegetables which are used mainly to create a Japanese atmosphere

Name Season
Hajikami(young ginger) Year-round
Leaf bud of Japanese pepper Year-round
White‐cedar leaf Year-round
Balun   Year-round
Perilla buds Year-round
Perilla Sprout (Murame, Red Shiso) Year-round
Ooba(Perilla) Year-round
Aojiso(Japanese Basil) Year-round
Benitade (red polygonum)  Year-round
Ayutade May-August
Boufu(Saposhnikovia divaricata) Year-round
Hamaboufu Year-round
Kiku leaves Year-round
Kiku flower (chrysanthemum) Year-round
Laresi (Radish) Year-round
Toy Nanjing (Petti Pumpkin) July-August
cucumber with flowers March‐September
Small melon March-August
Strawberry tomato (husk tomato) February-July
Table Queen (Table King) March-July
Mini radish Year-round
Green radish October-January
Petit carrot Year-round
Mini carrot year-round
Botchan Pumpkin June
Mini Okra   year-round
Ginkgo   October to June
Chinese artichoke  December
Japanese mustard spinach  OctoberーApril
New Zealand spinach  Year-round
Edible chrysanthemum Year-round
Purple edible chrysanthemum August-November
Alpine leek  January-April
Ginger lily  year-round
Japanese ginger March-August
Wasabi   year-round
Chinese pepper April
Green Japanese peppercorn  May-June
Japanese parsley   Year-round
Japanese honewort  Year-round
Chive  Year-roundear
Young onion shoots  Yearーround
Ciboulette  year-round
Chive bundle   Year-round
Shimonita scallion   December-February
Hot white radish   Year-round
Echalette    Year-round
Kabosu (a kind of citrus fruit)   August-December
Green Yuzu (Citrus junos)   April ーSeptember
Yellow Yuzu (Citrus junos)   OctoberーMarch
Citrus sudachi  Yearーround
Lime   Year-round
Lemon   Year-round
Plum branch (white plum, red plum, pink plum) December-April
Wintersweet January
Sakura branch February-April
Kaido Sakura May
Peach branch February-March
Riverstream orchid   FebruaryーApril
Flowering quince February ーApril
camellias Flower  December-February
Narcissus flower DecemberーJanuary
Winter cherry December-January
Sasanqua   December-February
Grain Yuzu May-July
Yuzu Flower February to April
Apple Flower April
Tangerine Flower May
Chinese lantern plant   August
Azalea flower  AprilーMay
Iris March-May
Hydrangea flowers   AprilーJuly
Miyako wasure (Gymnaster savatieri)  April to June
Lotus flower   July ーAugust
Globe amaranth   JulyーSeptember
Basella rubra flowers   JuneーDecember
Nanten year-round
Heavenly bamboo   DecemberーJanuary
Heavenly bamboo with fruits   DecemberーJanuary
Gleichenia Year-round
Camellia leaf Year-round
Bamboo leaf March-September
Pine needle    SeptemberーDecember
Sarcandra glabra  December
Coralberry   December
Green maple   Year-round
Red maple   October to December
Green persimmon leaf May-October
Red persimmon leaf September-November
Ginkgo leaves August-October
Yellow ginkgo leaves November-December
Chestnut leaves August-November
Saxifrage   JanuaryーSeptember
Holly leaves December-March
Hydrangea leaves April-July
Paper mulberry leaves May-August
Nasturtium leaves   May-August
Cucumber leaf MayーAugust
Lotus leaf JuneーAugust
Magnolia leaves   MayーOctober
Tatekazura    Year-round
Veitch's bamboo  Year-round
Crimson glory vine leaves May-September
Lotus leaves July-August
chestnuts in burrs August-November
False daphne December
Bamboo grass leaf boat July
Japanese white pine   December
Longleaf pine December
Pine Branch  December
Yam leaves May-September
Shogoin-turnip   JanuaryーFebruary
Horikawa burdock   December
SeigoinーRadish December-February
Kintoki carrot October-March
Manganji-chili pepper April-October
Kamo-eggplant May-October
"shrimp" taro root   OctoberーFebruary
Shrimp-shaped taro root  October-February
Potherb mustard in Kyoto Year-round
Laciniifolia Year-round
Ginger leaves   May-August
New ginger June-July
Wasabi leaves December-June
Wasabi flower February-April
Hosta montana   JanuaryーMay JanuaryーMay
Daylily buds  JanuaryーFebruary
Fatsia sprouts   DecemberーMay
Petasites japonicus   December-May
Fiddlehead orstrich fern   December-May
Bracken  January-May
horsetail  JanuaryーApril
Red garlic  February-April
Wild Udo(aralia cordata) March-May
Butterbur  JanuaryーApril
Bamboo shoot   January-May
Rape flowers  NovemberーMarch
Rapeseeds DecemberーApril
Mugwort   March-May
Aster  March
Young burdock   JanuaryーApril
Dogtooth violet   March-April
New burdock November-March
New lotus root   JanuaryーOctober
horse bean February-June
Lily bulb   Year-round
Water chestnut November-March
Red Pumpkin  July-December
Yacon    October-February
purple sweet potato  OctoberーDecember
Nankou ume (Japanese apricot)  June
Kurokawa(Kogiku) pumpkin  July-February
Winter melon  Year-round
Oriental pickling melon   May-August
Green melon  April-July
Sponge gourd  June-October
Bitter gourd   Year-round
Aloe    May-July
Hanamaru cucumber   Year-round
Sponge gourd  May-September
Sweet pepper   AprilーSeptember
Green chili pepper Year-round
Black beauty (eggplant)   Year-round
Small eggplant  Year-round
Mizunasu(eggplant) May-September
Black radish December
Yam(Tsukuneimo) Year-round
Taro root Year-round
Yam(Yamatoimo) Year-round
Mukago(Bulbil)   Year-round
Jinenjo(Japanese Yam) December
Hasuimo(Colocasia antiquorum)   May-September
Red taro stems   May-September
Darts    AprilーOctober
Green soybeans    May-October
Black soybeans   July-October
Brown soyneans   JuneーSeptember
Morocco green beans September-November
Green peas   February-June
Snack pea (snap pea)    Year-round
Snow peas Year-round
Green beans   Year-round
Sengoku beans(Lablab)   May-October
Winged bean   July-August
Okra   JanuaryーOctober
Saltwort   Year-round
Udo Year-round
Hachiku(breaking Bamboo) May to June
Junsai(Water shield)   May-September
Hishi-no-mi (Water caltrop) September-October
Seven spring herbs January
Tomugi  November-February
Korean lettuce  Year-round
Egoma leaf (wild sesame) Year-round
Okinawan spinach   Year-round
Redflower ragleaf   December
Malabar spinach AprilーDecember
Carrot leaf  Year-round
Tea leaves   AprilーJune
Perilla seed (July to September)
Chestnut   September-November
Turnips  Year-round
Shimeji mushroom  Year-round
Enoki Mushroom  Year-round
Enoki Mushroom (Brown Enoki) Year-round
Stump of Nameko Mashroom Year-round
Nameko Mashroom Year-round
king oyster mushroom  Year-round
Maitake mushroom Year-round
Abalone mushroom Year-round
Shiitake Mushroom Year-round
White Maitake Mushroom Year-round
White shimeji mushroom Year-round
Kakinoki Mushroom  Year-round
Tamogi mushroom Year-round
lion's mane mushroom SeptemberーMarch
Yukirei mushroom (Pleurotus ) Year-round
Oyster mushroom  September to December
Daikoku honshimeji September-December
Hatake Shimeji mushroom September to November
Matsutake mushroom   July-November
Boufu(Saposhnikovia divaricata) Year-round

Western vegetables

The vegetables from Europe and America that came to Japan mainly after the Meiji period.。

Name Season
Mushroom (champignon) Year-round
Agarisk   Year-round
Coplein Year-round
Brown mushroom (brown champignon) Year-round
Truffle   Irregular
Beets   Year-round
Celery   Year-round
Celoriac    Year-round
Leek (Poaro onion) Year-round
Poallogenne   Year-round
Zucchini    Year-round
Zucchini with flowers  February-June
Puccini   DecemberーFebruary
Paprika (jumbo peppers) Year-round
Red peppers   Year-round
Savoy King (Chirmen cabbage) Year-round
Savoy King (Chirmen cabbage) Year-round
Sporos (Brussels sprouts) January-October
Artichoke   October-December
Selvachico December-January
Morohaya Year-round
Rehoul (Horse Radish) Year-round
Pecorus (Small onion) Year-round
Early red (Red Onion) Year-round
Belgian Chalet Year-round
Edible flower  Year-round
Snapdragon   Year-round
Snapdragon Year-round
Primrose February-April
First cherry blossoms MarchーApril
Viola   March-May
Pansy   March
Primula   December-April
Bellrose Year-round
Denfale (orchid flower) Year-round
Summer violet   June to July
Aizen MayーAugust
Carnation   Year-round
Watercress  Year-round
White celery Year-round
Cherry tomato (petit tomato)  Year-round
Fruit tomato Year-round
Yellow cherry tomato (grape tomato) Year-round
Green asparagus Year-round
Mini asparagus Year-round
White Asparagus March-August
Hanaccoly   JanuaryーMarch
Red cabbage   Year-round
Cauliflower   Year-round
Broccoli Year-round
Petit veil JanuaryーApril
Young corn (baby corn) Year-round
Green marigold   Year-round
Pink roaster (silk lettuce) Year-round
Rocket salad (Arugula) Year-round
Andybe (Chicory) Year-round
Endive (Chicore) Year-round
White Endive Year-round
Trevis   Year-round
Baby leaf   Year-round
leaf-vegetable Year-round
Detroit   Year-round
Mustard green Year-round
Lettuce  Year-round
Sunny lettuce Year-round
Frilled lettuce (frilled ice) Year-round
Green leaf  Year-round
Romaine lettuce Year-round
Salad spinach   Year-round
Salad Mizuna   Year-round
Salad Kikuna Year-round
Okinawa Carrot  Irregular 
Black Carrot Irregular
White Carrot   Irregular
Red and white beets Irregular
Romanesco Irregular
Vungtarera   Irregular
Swiss chard   Irregular
Kale   Irregular
Brown mushrooms Irregular
Trotea April
Broccolitti   Year-round

Herb・Sprout・Micro Series

Herbs are used for flavoring and preserving food. Sprout (sprouting vegetable) is a sprouting just after germination of cereals, beans and vegetables. Microgreen refers to young shoots that germinate for about 1 to 3 weeks.。

Name Season
Parsley   Year-round
Fennel   Year-round
Thyme  Year-round
Basil   Year-round
Rosemary   Year-round
Deal   Year-round
Marsh salad Year-round
Corn Marsh (Mini Marsh) Year-round
Cherville (Cerfeuil)  Year-round
Pasley (Italian parsley) Year-round
Laurier (Laurel Leaves) Year-round
Ozeille (Sorel French) Year-round
Peppermint   Year-round
Spare mint   Year-round
Apple mint   Year-round
Estragon   Year-round
Lemongrass   Year-round
Lemon balm   Year-round
Lemon thyme Year-round
Marjoram   Year-round
Oregano   Year-round
Camomile   Year-round
Salad Barnet   Year-round
Salad Mizuna   Year-round
Spicy mix   Year-round
Tree mustard green Year-round
Detroit   Year-round
Nasturtium  Year-round
Peten drill Year-round
Petit mix   Year-round
Micro Amaranthus Year-round
Microthyme  Year-round
Alfalfa   Year-round
White radish sprouts Year-round
Sakura radish sprouts Year-round
Board radish sprouts  Year-round
Broccoli sprouts  Year-round
Red cabbage sprouts Year-round
Red turnip sprouts Year-round
Watercress sprouts Year-round
Mustard sprouts Year-round
Broccoli Super Sprout   Year-round
Magic Red (Benitatesu sprout) Year-round
Buckwheat green  Year-round
Peanut sprouts Year-round
Dill flowers   Year-round
Rumex sanguineus   Year-round
Borage Year-round

General vegetables

We handle all the general vegetables. We can also handle large-scale business sales.


We can prepare products for various purposes such as gifts and processing, both domestically and overseas.

Name Season
Mango   April -July
Various kinds of strawberry November-May
Various kinds of loquat March-May
Cherimoya Atemoya   Please contact us
Various kinds of dragon fruits Please contact us
Passion fruit Please contact us
Nectarine Please contact us
Papaya production areas Please contact us
Blood Orange   Spring
Various kinds of berries Year-round
Various kinds of grape May-November
Various kinds of Melon Please contact us
Various kinds of mandarin oranges November-summer
Orange Grapefruit Year-round
Sweetie   Please contact us
Various kinds of citrus fruits November-April
Various kinds of pear   July-December
Various pears   OctoberーDecember
Various kinds of Japanese persimmon October-December
Various kinds of peach May-September
Japanese Plum   May-September
Various types of cherry fruit May-July
Various American Cherry May and June
Apricot Around   June and July
Various types of Muscat May-November
Various types of watermelon April-September
Various types of Kodama watermelon April-September
Square watermelons Reservation is required
Banana   Year-round
Various kind of pineapples  Year-round (except some domestic products)
Avocado Year-round
Every kind of Kiwi   Year-round (except domestic and some varieties)
Fig   May-October
Star fruit
Please contact us
Shizuoka Muskmelon  Year-round Year-round

Example of gift orders

We also handle a wide range of products other than listed, so please feel free to contact us.
The handling time varies depending on the weather, production conditions, and import conditions.